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Get different kinds of unelemental Monstern who can lives everywhere in your World. Wild Beasts, magical Armors and sly Mimiks awaits you!

Useable and editable  for commercial and noncommercial projects.

This includes:

  • All theme based free Monsters
  • Steamcore Bot, Steamcore Dragoon
  • Mana Canon
  • Living Armor, Magical Armor
  • 1 Variant of Featherbeast (Horned Featherbeast)
  • Maneater
  • Kingsknight Azrael, Kingsknight Malphael
  • 2 Variants of Schadow Wing (Silver Wing, Wing Kanonier)
  • 2 Variants of dust Vulture (Shimmer Swallow, Shadow Crow)
  • 6 Variants of Chest Mimik (Chest closed, Chest Gold, Chest, Chestmimik gold, Chestkobold, Dangerous Chestkobold)
  • 2 Variants of Spellbook (Wailing Book, Ritualbook) + Portal
  • 2 Variants of Wandering Tower (Wandering Bell, Wandering Castle)
  • 1 Variant of Orc Warrior (Orc Arsonist)
  • 2 Variants of Orc Archer (Orc Firearcher, Orc Poisonarcher)
  • 2 Variants of Orc Spearman (Orc Banner bearer with and without an Symbol on the Banner)
  • 2 Variants of the Orc Rouge (Orc Assassin, Orc Marodeur)
  • 3 Variants of the Orc Chief (Orc Berserker, Orc She-Berserker, Okrc She-Berserker topless)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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