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In the depths of the oceans and the shore of the sea lives some pretty, but dangerous creatures.

Useable and editable  for commercial and noncommercial projects.

This includes:

  • All theme based free Monsters
  • 2 Variants of Slimefrog (Acidfrog, Devilfrog)
  • 2 Variants of Piranha (Frogfish, Luna Fish)
  • 2 Variants of Tankshell (Fireshell, Atlasturtle)
  • 2 Variants of Manta (Light Ray, Devilray)
  • Goliathsnail
  • 1 Variant of Featherbeast (Swampbeast)
  • 2 Variants of Luna Jellyfish (Devourer Nest, Venomstalker)
  • 3 Variants of Watercreeper (Electrowhiskers Creeper, Mudcreeper, Grounding Creeper)
  • 4 Variants of Phantomora (Frostora, Toximora, Luminora, Plasmora)
  • 8 Variants of Stonecrap (Icecrab, Pure Icecrab, Bonecrab, Vulcancrab, Fleshcrab, Nacked Vulcancrab/Stonecrab/Bonecrab)
  • 4 Varaints of Blue/Red Crabbling (Crabbling, Steam Crabbling, Eruption Crabbling, Crabbling Ballista)
  • 4 Variants of Terror Snail (Firefly Snail, Cave Snail, Shock Snail, Plague Snail)


Buy Now$1.70 USD or more

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